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WeR the future of Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS)

WeR.ai Solves™ are mechanisms that enable the intelligence in your solutions, applications, or business processes and are specified and built to address problems at the use case and MVP level.

After deployment, Solves™ are monitored and nurtured allowing them to “learn” over time.

WeR the art of the possible

WeR.ai is a data science company that builds enterprise class AI&ML applications and Solves™ at the MVP use case level quickly and for a fraction of the cost.

WeR different

Our specialty is enabling the intelligence in a solution, application, or business process – at the client-specific, use case level.

Our team brings decades of AI experience and market disruption at leading technology and services firms, including IBM, Netflix, Oracle, and more.

WeR.ai’s platform (referred to as the Accelerated Innovation Machine) enables rapid assembly of various algorithms and AI services into advanced analytics and AI Design Patterns which are aggregated into AI Solves™ at the use case-level.

The WeR Accelerated Innovation Machine also enables intelligent backend Solves™-level support.

WeR above the machine intelligence plane

WeR not selling you a toolbox. WeR offering the intelligence that powers your use case and helps it improve over time.

WeR ready to offer you our services